Thursday, July 23, 2015

A Maguire-ish Manifesto

It's July in Wisconsin.  

Everything is in bloom.  The trees are green and pink and white and purple.  The rainbow flowers are set off all the more by the blueness of the sky.  The world here exists in over-saturation which means my photos of my little son rarely need a fun filter.  There is a Monarch butterfly fluttering outside my window as I type.

I spend my days at the splash park.  The pool.  The playground.  And, I love it.  I LOVE IT.  Never in a million years would I have believed myself the quintessential stay-at-home mom, but here's the skinny: I WANT to make homemade popsicles.  I WANT to mow my own lawn.  I WANT to teach my son how to grow peppers and tomatoes. (which means I better learn, I suppose)

I DON'T want to miss a minute of his transition from baby to child to adolescent to man.  


I also don't want to forget that I am capable of other things.  Once upon a time, I was so career hyper-focused, I wasn't even sure I wanted children.  I worked as hard as I could to climb a ladder I was sure would lead me to happiness or at least a place of financial zen.  Then, a wise co-worker imparted this tidbit that has never left the dark recesses of my consciousness:  "It's not all about the money, Holley.  Always remember to love what you do too or, at the end of the day, you'll look at what you have and it will all seem meaningless."

And so, I am embarking on a new set of journeys with a new vision and a new passion.  Will you still find me on air in the future?  It's possible.  I am certainly not ruling that out.  To say never is to pose a dare to the universe.  I'm not in the business of playing cosmic roulette.  Meantime, I AM in the business of self improvement.

I recently contracted my own independent consultant business with Rodan + Fields which many of you already know to be a fast-growing leader in skincare (the docs also created Proactiv….) .  Why?  Because I've used it and it works.  In fact, I used it then stopped using it and am now using it again because in the interim when I was NOT, I saw a serious decline in the quality of my skin.  I have a toddler.  I rarely have time to put on lip gloss let alone make-up.  I NEED to already have good skin that doesn't need to be all covered up.  My lifestyle demands it.

More importantly, as I mentioned, the business model (which is not what you think - I promise) allows me the freedom to work from wherever which is paramount to my commitment to my son.  

Here are my links if you are interested in finding out more.  If you're feeling "sold to", that isn't my intention.  I'm just excited to finally be settling into some direction with something I believe in as a base.  (And, it's DARN good, you guys.  Remember, I was on TV for a really long time.  I have some perspective on putting your best face forward - pun intended.)

For product:
If you want to learn more about the business to get the gist of why the heck I'm doing this: 

Now, for phase 2:  As of the end of September, I'm in hot pursuit of the title "Milwaukee's Best Group Fitness Leader".  I'll be all trained up, fully and entirely certified and ready to build my niche in this already incredibly active community.  So many of you told me I should be doing this.  So, I'm doing this.  I'll be posting updates, but my first endeavor involves getting mommies and babies out into the fresh air for fitness, fun and bonding.  After all, Mommy can't be her best for her little guy or gal without feeling her strongest.  

So, for those who have been asking "what they heck is she doing now?", there's your answer. These decisions come from a place of true introspection, a LOT of consideration and sincere "heart talk".  

And, I'm tired of breaking out like a teenager.  I'm 35, for pete's sake!  I'll also be sharing lessons I'm learning along the way via a new blog which I'll write more about later.  

I part with this thought: Doing nothing is guaranteed to yield nothing.  Doing something may yield something unexpected, but it is guaranteed to yield SOMETHING.  

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